3D Mural Brick Stone Pattern Self Adhesive Wall Contact Paper Wall Covering 3D Design ...

3D Mural Brick Stone Pattern Self Adhesive Wall Contact Paper Wall Covering 3D Design ...

Aluminum Embossed Murals,aluminum plate relief sculpture is a sculpture carved on the plane of the ups and down images, is a kind of art between the sculpture and painting, its spatial structure can use three-dimensional shape, can also have some kind of plane shape, both can be attached to a carrier and can exist relatively alone.
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Aluminum Embossed Murals,aluminum plate relief sculpture is a sculpture carved on the plane of the ups and down  images, is a kind of art between the sculpture and painting, its spatial structure can use three dimensional shape, can also have some kind of plane shape, both can be attached to a carrier and can exist relatively alone.

Aluminum relievo fresco furnishing articles, made of high quality senior 20 mm strong light metal aluminum plate  which is produced by modern exquisite carving process, show the spirit of the whole works will artisan work dripping wet, relievo fresco formation has red ancient vintage effect, three dimensional exquisite, lifelike, pattern, which embodies a  kind of emotional appeal that restore ancient ways, suitable for some high-quality goods collection, high grade residential addresses, etc., this batch of paintings 350 mm diameter, produced by our company to provide design 

and samples, production cycle is about a week, if you also need this kind of aluminum plate -relievo fresco,  Please call me.


                                                                Product parameters
Product name                          Aluminum Embossed Murals
Lighting type               Non-lighting     
Surface materialAluminum plate
Basement material                      Aluminum  plate
Process requirementsEmbossed
Other accessoriesAvailable
LED source/
Product size                                                         Customized according to your logo



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