What's So Good About The Ultra-thin Light Box?

- Nov 01, 2019-

The advantages of ultra-thin light boxes compared to traditional light boxes are reflected in the following areas:

Ultra-life- high-life luminescent, and impact-resistant rainwater, to ensure the safety and durability of light boxes

Ultra-fidelity-cold light source on the picture for a long time will not have the effect of light and heat, more color-free aging phenomenon

Ultra-convenient - ultra-thin light box structure is reasonable, whether it is initial installation, wall hanging, or change of pictures and maintenance are very convenient

Ultra-environmental protection - light box materials to the environment and the human body without any pollution, materials can be completely recycled and reused

Ultra-power saving -ultra-thin light box electricity than traditional light box to save more than 80% of energy consumption

Ultra-bright -LCD light technology, higher brightness, stronger integrity, so that the picture light uniform soft, strong sense of three-dimensional