What Is An Eco-friendly LIQUID Light Box?

- Nov 12, 2019-

With the progress of the times, there are various characteristics of THE LED light box, beautiful and practical, will only start in someone's time, save power, and highlight the LED light box environmental protection theme, light source is not green semiconductor light source, lead-free mercury toxic substances, installation is convenient, can be replaced at will, to bring you a different feeling. LED, is a safe and reliable low DC voltage, in the aluminum plate in accordance with the pre-designed stroke interval punch, and then the light-emitting diode installed in the hole in series, using the AOTE Ott controller provided by the DC pulse shiny, can achieve text or pattern flashing, flowing, rolling, overlay and other changes, Infinite changes, attract inge, good visual effects, can give people a three-dimensional feeling, there will be no uneven light problems, but also with a variety of accessories with a combination of much popular.