What Are The Features Of Light Box Advertising?

- Nov 09, 2019-

1. Uniqueness. The object of the light box advertisement is the pedestrian in motion. Design light box advertising to consider the distance, perspective, environment and other aspects. Lightbox advertising is different from general advertising, light box advertising is designed according to the specific environment of lighting.

2. Tip. In the design of light box advertising, we should take into account the audience through the advertising location, time. Light box advertising screen cumbersome, pedestrians are not willing to accept, so light box advertising surprisingly wintimely with a simple picture and unique form to attract pedestrian attention, light box advertising can attract the audience to watch the advertisement. So light box advertising design to pay attention to the prompt, graphic and lush, image-oriented, text as an aid, the use of text to be simple and clear and not long.

3. Simplicity. An important feature of light box advertising design, the whole picture is as concise as possible, the design is unique, always adhere to the principle of less and fine, light box advertising map to the audience to leave full imagination.