The Difference Of Huibaimei Aluminum Profile And Other Profiles

- May 14, 2020-

The difference of huibaimei aluminum profile and other profiles 

    Huibaimei light box aluminum profile both in design and materials with our unique competitive advantage, and remit the Huibaimei aluminum profile  is using geometric mechanics structure and mechanics principle design, design ideas in detail is also different, each card slot position reasonable design detail, make full use of the principle of structural mechanics, joining together, is designed specifically for engineering use safety a aluminium. In fabric light box aluminum extrusions, many manufacturers in pursuit of price advantage, in aluminum, there are many defects in design and materials, Such as rough surface technology, single structure, single installation screen, thin wall thickness, structure design is not reasonable, resulting in poor stability and aluminum deformation.          Not only in the application of wind, shock and other safety is not strong enough, in the aesthetic balance and aesthetic sense is also lacking. 

    Huibaimei focuses on engineering light box for 12 years, has always been based on "safety first" is given priority to, through engineering design on product design and model test, don't pursue thin material, only the pursuit of steady and safety, so we are in aluminum wall thickness of 1.4- 2.0 mm, thick material also want to combine good design can be more solid, so in terms of structure design is the design of principle of mechanics to ensure the whole aesthetic and practical properties of aluminum; We have a group of professional engineering design team with 10 years of experience, to ensure that you provide quality, efficient, professional one-stop service; We introduce large aluminum cutting machine, to ensure accurate cutting every Angle of aluminum profile, to meet the needs of different projects and ensure the timeliness of delivery.