Technology Of Fabric Light Box

- Mar 11, 2020-

Fabric light box is a kind of aluminum alloy frame joints, deserve to go up again light on advertising images to form a medium has spread information function of advertising media, the recent backlit light boxes in the advertising industry is in hot water, large advertising has attracted many customers, to commercial advertiser has brought about many benefits, light box sales is so great that a lot of manufacturers or the advertising small workshops will from already want to buy the material lab light box, so the making craft of lab light box is? huibaimei technology small make up about a production process.

     1.material choice aluminum: choose high-quality and authentic aluminum profile, choose solid aluminum profile is the first choice, because the size of the fabric light box is relatively large, aluminum material is not solid if easy to deform; Light source: the light source used in lab light box is: LED backlight source and high-power LED light source/waterproof and non-waterproof light cloth can be selected according to indoor and outdoor conditions: soft film, knife scraping cloth and other light cloth can be selected according to requirements.

     2.:install light boxwill spell box aluminum cut into the alternative spell Angle of 45 degrees, ready to spare parts such as screw, Angle code will be four aluminum split, Angle code, screw up light: in good aluminum-plastic plate fixation is put inside aluminum frame, then LED grid light back light on the aluminum-plastic plate (side light source is fixed on the aluminum box), and then fixed, connection of sealant. Installation: everything is normal after the test can be installed, there are two kinds of picture fixed, one is the soft film card type (card type aluminum), this is just the picture of the tape into the aluminum frame, there is a tie type fixed, with a hook to fix the picture on the aluminum, and then with the tie belt tied fixed can be electrified. After these 3 steps on the power test, that is, a labrador lamp box was made, and then the packaging and shipping ok.