Solid Copper LED Letters

- Jul 20, 2020-

Solid Copper LED Letters

    The surface of solid copper LED letters is carved in solid copper, and then polished by hand to make its surface and inclined surface shiny and three-dimensional, the letters look more textured than stainless steel letters. It adopts acrylic material at the bottom of the back cover, LED lights in acrylic, then, are formed by manual process will be a combination of the luminous letter cost is higher, manual process is strict, so commonly used in high-end luxury brands, villas, high-end places such as advertising guide sign) (museum, a government agency, this is a kind of letter can glow on behalf of the public. 

  HBM provides you with a variety of 3D luminous characters. If you want a compelling advertising signage, HBM can just provide you with a one-stop solution. Because we can produce 3D characters of various crafts such as acrylic characters, stainless steel characters, neon characters, stainless steel signs, etc. We also provide free designs and solutions. So if you need, we will definitely meet your needs. Call us and we will give you a preferential price.

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