Plastic Light Box

- Oct 27, 2019-

There are many types and styles of light boxes, including blistering light boxes.

The blistering light box is a very wide-ranging light box made of acrylic material, which has developed very rapidly in the last two years. It is mainly used outdoors and is often used as a shop sign and billboard, as long as you keep an eye on it, you can see it everywhere on the street.

"McDonald's" and other stores plastic light box application has played a good role in the demonstration, Sinopec gas stations of acrylic plastic absorption overall identification system application, the major mobile phone manufacturers' terminal stores of the plastic light box display in the manufacturers to create good advertising efficiency at the same time, the acrylic blister light box in the market has played a role in promoting the application. Acrylic blister light box has become a new bright spot in the advertising industry after neon lights, spray painting and engraving. Together with the ultra-thin light box, it forms the mainstream product of the advertising light box.