Neon Sign

- Apr 02, 2021-

Small neon signs are often used in the decoration of some KTVs, bars,retail signs corporate signs and other entertainment venues, small shop signboards, and park greening project decorations. Neon sign is composed of LED silicone soft light strip and acrylic. Compared with glass tube neon, silicone neon is more safe and stable. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and has good toughness. It can produce various "DIY modeling" effects, whether it is interior decoration or Outdoor greening projects can be used, and there are various colors such as rainbow colors to meet the personalized needs of different customers. Neon signs can be customized according to size of the logo, it can be bent freely, and the colors are diverse. It is a very popular decorative element today.

Our company can customize neon lights for you. We have experts and certified logo teams to design, create and realize the perfect neon logo. The products we make will definitely meet your unique business needs and can bring more customers to your store. Indoor use is PVC acrylic, wood, aluminum and other materials, which is an element that everyone can bear. The outdoor space sign is a good application method, which can immediately improve the appearance and aesthetic appeal of your business. Whether your company wants the lettering project to be metal or plastic, the outdoor signage products completed by our company will far exceed you Expectations.

Neon light application