Mini Lighting Letter

- Aug 08, 2020-

The mini lighting letter is a whole body light font. It is mainly carved into a logo shape by acrylic. Then the acrylic surface of the font is "matte" processed. The LED light is built in a 30mm milky matte acrylic body, and then 1.0 The galvanized bottom plate of the mm package forms a hair font. The light letter can not only make RGB colors, but also can customize the color temperature. The whole body's light effect is bright and conspicuous. It can quickly attract passersby's eyes and achieve a bright effect. Mini lighting letter are generally used in indoor commercials, such as clothing, catering, and jewelry stores.


The matte luminous three-dimensional font logo is composed of acrylic. The logo can be fixed on the wall by a bracket or directly, the rear of the logo is easy to install, and LED lighting is inserted into the channel of the logo pointing to the rear to produce a halo lighting effect on the logo.

Different color logos can be realized by using different colors and color temperatures, we can provide you with unique customized solutions for 3D signs.