Lightbox Maintenance

- Oct 29, 2019-

Light box because of its beautiful and generous, strong advertising role, and widely used by the vast number of merchants, but the maintenance of light boxes has become a major problem, many merchants do not know how to maintain and maintain the light box, so that the life of the light box sharply reduced, light box maintenance and maintenance, extend the life of the light box is first of all storage.

Because LEDs are stored in a dry and ventilated environment, the storage temperature is -40C - 100C, and the relative humidity is below 85%. This light box outsourcing is equipped with higher requirements, light box if placed in a colder environment to consider this factor, rainier cities should also pay attention to the waterproof performance of light boxes, do a good job of flood prevention measures, increase the service life of light boxes.

Light box cleaning, to be very careful, some led light box manufacturers made light box waterproof, easy to seep water, and led lamps can not use unknown chemical liquid cleaning, because that may damage the led resin surface, or even cause colloid cracks.