Installation Method Of Frameless Light Box

- Apr 02, 2020-

Many customers are not very clear about the installation method of frameless light box, as their supplier, we have the obligation to solve the problem for customers. No matter in the nearby or remote areas, if the customer wants to purchase frameless light box, we will consider from the perspective of the customer and suggest him or she to ship the light box in bulk, so as to reduce the damage during the journey and reduce the transportation cost. Is it hard to install? How to install it? For some customers who have not contacted, there will be questions, so for these cases,  I will give you a general explanation:

1. First of all, prepare aluminum, accessories (big decoding | and small decoding 4 each) base plate, light box, power supply, lamp cloth, other tools (screwdriver | screw | adhesive | gloves) and other materials.2. According to the Angle of 45°, combine the four-sided profile frame perfectly, and then set the corners diagonally.

3. Tighten the screws on the inner and outer decoding with a screwdriver, and the screws play a fixing role, so that the whole lamp box frame is completed.

4. Put the back panel into the frame, fix it with screws, then cover the bottom panel with LED lights and fix it with glass glue. Install the power supply device on the edge of the outer frame where the outgoing line is located (the red and blue lines are connected respectively).

5. Install the canvas, will have been installed around the UV soft film of the silica gel strip, just insert the silica gel strip into the aluminum frame can be, for painting is also to pull out the strip can be a way of painting, fashion, simple design, disassembly is easier.

6. The last step is to cut off the edge of the needle to avoid hurting your hand. All right, the whole light box is finished.

fabric light box frame5