Huibaimei Production Capacity

- Jun 16, 2020-

Huibaimei focus on advertising industry for 12 years, focus on fabric light box one-stop service! In order to provide customers with a "one-stop"! Our company not only has its own aluminum seg frame production base, but also has LED light production line and fabric light box production line! In the past 12 years, our company has made great achievements in the matching of advertising light box and light source. Customers are always praising our solutions!

   Although some customers said that our LED light was expensive at the beginning, they felt that our product was really excellent quality and reasonable price after they got the sample or used it. Because our company mainly researches and develops the LED light source solution for the fabric light box field, we know what type of light bar and service the customer group in the advertising media industry needs, and then give a comprehensive solution for the type of light box and the requirements of the engineering environment, so, for 12 years! We only focus on the research and development of light source in the field of advertising light box, in order to provide customers with efficient, energy-saving, stable, durable, cost-effective services. At present, our LED light source is widely used in fabric light box, advertising textile light box and decoration.

   Huibaimei fabric light box has been abroad, cooperation customers have been all over the world. "One-stop" solutions are not limited to domestic, we can provide effective installation solutions in the world. For example, there are from Japan, Qatar, Dubai, The United States, Switzerland and other cooperative customers are very satisfied with our products! Product cases include: Japan Mitsukoshi department store outer wall engineering light box, India phoenix mall outer wall engineering light box, Qatar airport indoor engineering light box, etc. The product effect is very good!

   Focus on ten years, we have accumulated tens of thousands of light box cases, looking forward to cooperating with you in the next case!