Global Neon Sign Letters

- Jul 02, 2020-

                                                                                 Global Neon Sign letters

Global neon sign letters , is a smooth round glittering and translucent get rid of the sphere shape luminous letters, can make all sorts of different model or brand logo, DIY design, brand features, it is to choose new yakeli board production, three-dimensional carving manual polishing grinding, is originality of handicrafts, such as built-in LED, can produce all kinds of RGB color, for your logo customization, can be used for indoor can also be used in outdoor, some is used to store signs, there are some decoration for party occasions, either way, is the existence of its unique conspicuous, This batch of global neon sign letters is the customer's brand logo, our company provides the design logo and the production plan, from the production of the logo to the production and delivery of about 15 days, if you also want to customize this effect of the advertising letter sign , please contact me.