Advantages Of Open Fabric Light Box In Front

- Apr 22, 2020-

Positive open fabric light box is adopted positive open fabric light box aluminum as the main frame structure consisting of advertising light box, the larger (more than 20 ) is commonly used in commercial advertising, such as subway ads, high-speed rail, airport advertising and outdoor shopping mall of exterior wall type, because the profile of light box structure solid, durable and is corrosion resistant, so been adopted by many engineering projects, there is a high cost performance.

Main features of light boxes are: 

1. Stable and safe: the aluminum profile of the front open fabric light box is generally over 1.8mm thick. The structure is well designed and very firm

2. Anti-wind, anti-rain and anti-corrosion: the anodic oxidation process is adopted on the surface of this aluminum profile, which is durable and anti-corrosion and will not rust, and can be used outdoors for more than 15 years.

3. Easy to change: the light box can choose to tie the fixed picture, screw ring fixed picture and other styles according to the needs of the project. No matter which kind of protection method, it is easy to understand and safe and firm.

4. Customized size: LED fabric light box solves the problem of limited traditional size, and can be customized to any size.

5. Good advertising effect: large display of advertising content, wide vision, high efficiency,

6. Ultra-thin: the same ultra-thin! For large size light box advertising, the fabric light box is the same as the ultra-thin series!