About 80mm Single-sided Textile Light Box

- Jun 11, 2020-

Today, we are going to talk about the single-sided fabric textile light box. If you want to be familiar with this product, you have to know the r&d background and technology of this product.


R&d background:

From billboard posters onto the blister light boxes to the resin and aluminum frame light box, businesses want to improved from advertising costs and advertising display form, from thick box to today's "thin", especially on display, display advertising and 100% space utilization has become the target of merchants, so our company research and development of the rimless kapoor light box, not only can display advertising content 100%, still can make the whole shop reveal a noble and luxury, high-profile and dignified, and can make use of to maximize the space, so as to meet the demand of modern decoration.

R&d technology:

80mm textile light box border thickness of 80 mm, is the classic thickness in engineering light boxes, light box design without borders, adopt surface anodic oxidation process, not only appearance high-end image, and can display the contents of advertisements, 100% will maximize advertising benefit, the light box using 80 mm textile light box light box frame, fixed part of the picture is 15 mm deep u-shaped card slot, is according to the market investigation and research and development, design picture is easy to install but not loose, ensure box full of appearance, and LED light source can be built inside the aluminum extrusions, electricity form the luminous body, uniformity of light can be reduction designers first AD picture Design elements and reflect, so that consumers will never forget, so as to achieve the most real purpose of publicity; This kind of light box in the frame design light source ratio and the picture matching aspects of the application is just right.