About 80mm Single-sided Fabric Led Light Box Fabric Light Profile

- Jun 15, 2020-

About 80mm single-sided fabric led light box fabric light profile 

About 80mm single-sided fabric led light box fabric light profile, we have made some introduction to its research and development background and technology, but for our customers, to understand the product's design concept, product information, product functions and design advantages are also quite important, let's get to know it together!

  Color: standard aluminum color (customized color), weight :1.07kg/m, material :6063 international aluminum alloy, wall thickness :1.6mm, thickness :80mm, process: electrophoresis/anodic oxidation, specification: 6.15m/strip (practical 6m), features: frameless card type, purpose: lamp box production, exhibition display, accessories: large corner size A4, small corner size G4.

Product design philosophy:

According to the analysis and design of engineering mechanics and arch bridge mechanics,light box aluminum profile has better load bearing, reasonable distribution of each slot position, and enhanced security, stability and reliability. When advertising pictures are displayed in corner details, the installation is more convenient, more time saving, labor saving and money saving.

Product information/personalized

The standard color of all aluminum profiles black of Huibaimei is the primary color of aluminum, which meets the needs of popular engineering. It can also be customized according to the requirements of different installation environments (customized according to customer samples or provide color plate color number), and the process of color spraying powder/oxidation can be carried out according to the number of customers. We try to be more comprehensive and provide more convenience for our customer group.

Product features and design advantages:

 Send best beauty 8mm aluminum profile black as the main framework of modern advertising light box kapoor material, because is mainly used for assembly frame fixed advertising images, so the framework of stability and durability, and ease of installation is very important, because our company the light box aluminum profile designed specifically for easy installation and safe and stable, difference between peers has its unique competitive advantage.

 15mm deep u-shaped "inverted sawtooth" shaped card slot design, easy to install the picture, and not easy to "anti-loose" fall off, picture installation more compact beautiful. The corner code position also adopts the "screw shape" design, screw fixing does not "slide teeth", to ensure that the fit Angle is high, safe and stable. aluminum profile black thickness of 80mm, bearing force does not deform, in line with engineering application requirements.