engineering aluminum profile rise and effect

- Jun 02, 2020-

With the large outdoor advertising light boxes, advertising businesses require large complex tall buildings and outdoor advertising can more extensively brand content, increasing area of outdoor advertising light box, on the installation technology, product stability and wind resistance to environmental factors such as security requirements is a fundamental problem to solve, so huibaimei formulated according to the requirements of design the engineering fabric light box aluminum extrusions, the profiles, is the main material of more than 100 large fabric light-box.

ordinary front open fabric light box aluminum profile, the wall thickness generally reached 1.4-1.8mm, huibaimei engineering aluminum exterior design from the European aesthetic design concept, structural design according to the principle of triangular geometry mechanics design, make the internal structure of the profile stress uniform, withstand strong gravity deformation, good wind resistance, good stability, safety! Durable and corrosion resistant; The corner code position is also designed according to triangle mechanics. When large size splices, splicing ports can achieve seamless splicing, and multiple shapes can be splicing.

On the picture is fixed, this profile USES pull buckle type, round tube draws the design of type "two in one", can choose the picture to be fixed according to the installation environment, the installation is easy to understand, convenient! Hui beauty all aluminum standard color for aluminum color, conforms to the popularization of the project need, but also can according to the need of different engineering installation environment customization (according to the customer incoming sample custom, or provide color swatches), craft spray color powder according to the number of clients \ process, etc. We do a more comprehensive, in order to provide you with more convenient.


Aluminum project as the main raw materials of fabric light box, because be international 6063 aluminum alloy materials, surface processing is completed by the anodic oxidation process, it can be applied to indoor/outdoor installation using a variety of circumstances, Can deal with complex and special material environment. It has the functions of stability, shock - proof, wind - proof, corrosion - proof and so on.