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the backlit light box use to exhibition, shop and airport and so on,accoridng to your size, we can customer the different the size.
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Displaying a big and trendy backlit lightbox display at your next trade show or event to make sure you get noticed doesn’t have to cost you big bucks or cause you a big hassle. The 20ft Straight Backlit LED Lightbox display is portable, user-friendly and budget friendly with everything you need from TRT Banners. The full display measures a noticeable H/20*10ft and is impossible to miss from any angle, near or far from your booth or event space. The 20ft backlit LED lightbox comes with two pop-up style frames that pull apart from the center to set up without the need for a single tool. Aluminum extrusions connect to the frame easily and 24 hanging LED ladder-style lights are included with hooks to hang them from the trusses from inside of the frame to backlight your display. One the frames are assembled, extrusions are added, and LED lights are hung, simply take your banners and press them into the channels of the extrusions and tuck them in. The 20ft Straight Backlit LED Lightbox Display comes with SEG (silicone edge graphic) style banners that install quickly to the frame and give your entire display and edge-to-edge graphics look. SEG banners are made of a backlit fabric material that include dye-sub printed graphics that shine brightly and vividly with the LED lights from inside of the fame, ensuring that your display can be seen by anyone walking near your booth.

fabric light boxes have two model style. one is backlit light box, other is sidelit light box. Their luminous effect is the same, no matter how big the size is, the luminous effect of the backlit light boxis more uniform, and the luminous effect of the sidelit source is different. For example, 1*2 meters light box, the luminous effect is similar to the backlight, if it is 2*3 meters light box, the backlight luminous effect Better than sidelit

the backlit light box use to exhibition, shop and airport and so on,accoridng to your size, we can customer the different the size. 


Product Parameter



Product name:

Fabric backlit light box

Printing material:

UV soft film /Fabric with Dye sublimation printing

Aluminum material:

6063 Aluminum alloy

Frame depth:


Lightbox Size:

Can be customized

LED light source:

LED diffuse reflection with lens/LED2835

Wall thickness:



Brand advertising/Background wall decoration


Installation steps:

1. Assemble the aluminum profile frame with corner connectors

2. Install the backboard: fix the backboard to the aluminum profile frame(If have big size light box,we use H shape connector to connect the backboard).

3. Install LED light source:fix the LED light strips to the backboard

4. Connect the cable of the led light strips to the power supply

5. Install the poster:Insert the silicone of the poster into the groove of the aluminum profile frame

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