Aluminum Advertising Light Box

The Aluminum Advertising Light Box adopts excellent light guide plate, combined with a variety of outer frame materials.
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Product Details

Product Feature

The Aluminum Advertising Light Box adopts excellent  light guide plate, combined with a variety of outer frame materials. On the other hand, it is a multi-functional new advertising carrier that combines the advantages of ultra-thin, stylish, energy saving, uniform and comfortable illumination, easy maintenance, etc. Due to the proper size and compact design, our Aluminum Advertising Light Box realizes the function to ensure easy installation. The simple style looks nice and elegant.


Product Description

The Aluminum Advertising Light Box is equipped with high-quality LED light source, thus to ensure that the light box is long-term reliable and durable, with long life and extremely low maintenance costs. Compared with ordinary product on the market, it has the advantage of DC power supply, power saving and safety, aluminum alloy frame, safe and environmental protection. It uses unique light guide plate technology, with characteristics of thin, bright, uniform, and we do promise that it will not produce any kind of chemical substance when in use.


Features and Benefits:

·High-quality dye sublimation printing process

·Durable polyester fabric

·Frameless design for aluminum frame

·User-friendly pop up display design

Product Parameter



Product name:

Fabric light box

Printing material:

UV soft film /Fabric with Dye sublimation printing

Aluminum material:

6063 Aluminum alloy

Frame depth:


Lightbox Size:

Can be customized

LED light source:

LED diffuse reflection with lens/LED2835

Wall thickness:



Brand advertising/Background wall decoration


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